Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Whole Life Plans for Funeral and Estate Planning

When most people think of traditional life insurance they think of term life insurance.
Term life insurance policy span a set number of years during which the insured party pays a fixed premium based on his or her age, current state of health and pay out an amount of the policy.
The alternative to this type of term life insurance is whole of life insurance (WOL). A whole of life insurance policy covers the insured party from the day of the policy begins until his or her death paying out a guaranteed sum of money to the policy holders beneficiaries. As such this type of WOL policy is often used for Funeral Plans and Estate Planning.
Whole of Life plans funerals and estate planning
A portion of whole of life insurance premiums are invested by the insurer with any earnings intended to help offset the rise and costs of insuring the policy holder. Here at Belgravia Capital Insurance we recognize that making an informed life insurance decision requires having all of the available information and the ins and outs of whole of life insurance can seem complicated.
By breaking whole of life cover down to its basic components we hope to help you decide if whole of life is the right life insurance for you. We specialize in helping our clients find the right life insurance.
When you are ready to begin your search for the whole of life insurance that is right for you we are ready to help you find the perfect policy for your lifestyle and your family. In connection with our advised Whole of Life plans our clients can also enjoy a fantastic discount, from one of our partners,to produce a Last Will and Testament.For further info

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